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 new updates for anime central v1.4

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PostSubject: new updates for anime central v1.4   Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:19 am

hello everyone, in a couple of hours i will be adding the portal . in it u will be able to watch some of the top vids we have on the forum including pics/sigs of the month. wich will be added in the forum so u may enter a photo of your choice. also be adding the affliates in the portal as well, but they will still be viewed in the main forum, also be adding BG music. links for episodes and music to animes, even up coming movies u may watch before they even come out on video, curtisy of me lol , and much more so be patient, il have everything done witin the next 24 hours, just as long as don2000 lets me lol. anyways feel free to pm me with requests about wat type of vids u want posted and music.

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new updates for anime central v1.4
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