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Kazier Evon Shadow
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Kazier Evon Shadow

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PostSubject: Homebrew Heaven   Homebrew Heaven EmptySat Aug 11, 2007 4:46 pm

Hey i'm new here and i'd like to offer you something.
I'm a Admin and co-owner representing homebrew heaven where "Heaven is just a click away." Our webmaster Safari Al is looking for new memembers at the site since we just opened up a few weeks ago and we would like some people to join us. Its a hombrew site that disscuss about homebrew(duh) and other gaming stuff, we have a chat room as well. Also thanks to me their is a Music team (look at sig) so you guys have a spot to put your AMV's at. So if you would join that would be most helpful: heres the link.
Ok its open to all of you guys so have fun.
From Mr. Shadow
Admin, co-owner, and music team leader of homebrew heaven.
"Homebrew Heaven, Heaven is but a click away."
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Homebrew Heaven
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